sara_crownMaria Antonia Alejandra Vicenta Elpidia Isidora Abad Fernandez, artistically known as Sara Montiel (Campo de Criptana, 10 March 1928 – Madrid, 8 April 2013).


He was born into a humble La Mancha family that subsisted through agriculture, and was baptized with the name of Maria Antonia Aurelia Isidora Vicenta Josefa Abad Fernandez. Their parents were Isidoro Ages and Maria Vicenta Fernandez Palacios (1898-1969).After the Civil War, the family settled in Orihuela (Alicante) in search of a more benign climate since the father suffered from asthma; he worked in Orihuela as a wine distributor. The future star went to the Colegio de Jesús María de San Agustín in that city, but she had a very elementary literacy because the nuns at the school trained her more in domestic chores such as sewing. She herself acknowledged that she debuted as an actress without knowing how to read correctly, Therefore, instead of looking at the scripts, he memorized by ear the dialogues that were recited to him.. In Orihuela his brother died very young, who is buried in the local cemetery, and Sara also had two older sisters: Elpidia (1912-8 of January of 2006), who lived with Sara in the actress's house in Madrid until she died, and Angelines (born in 1925 ).